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WELCOME to the ONLY FAST AND EFFICIENT site on the web devoted SOLELY to recruiting and employment opportunities for PALM BEACH COUNTY'S LODGING AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY.

We offer...

  • UNMATCHED SERVICE through our offices in Palm Beach County.
  • ATTRACTIVE WEBSITE WITH EASY AND FAST ACCESSIBILITY locally, nationally and worldwide.
  • EASY AND UNLIMITED POSTING OF ALL JOB OPENINGS - not just supervisory and executive levels.
  • CURRENT INFORMATION at all times, with job postings no older than 10 days.
  • EVEN MORE FLEXIBILITY on your own FULL PROPERTY PROFILE to further enhance your opportunities to reach jobseekers.
  • JOBSEEKERS BANK to allow you to contact jobseekers looking for a specific job. This contact information is listed for only 30 days from the time jobseekers register.
  • LINKS to government, educational institutions, hospitality and lodging industry associations and other organization websites.
  • USE OF OTHER MARKETING TOOLS to reach jobseekers - classified advertising; public relations; direct mail; promotional campaign to County Workforce Alliance Centers, educational institutions and other organizations.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS to reach jobseekers 24 hours per day, every day of the year.

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